Happy Easter!!

Dear Gronow,

All of us at CrossFit Cardiff have been busy baking, we have braved the snow (;-/), the death threats from fellow motorists at the petrol pumps down the local Tesco’s in order to obtain the ingredients necessary to prepare the best tasting, nicest smelling and most mouth watering hot crossed buns in the land. Some of our members have even taunted the Police by attempting these daring ingredients raids whilst wearing their pyjamas after the “CrossFit Cardiff Team Assemble” call was made during the wee hours.

This effort was made Gronow, for you; to attempt to coax you back into the box! We will feed you these delicious treats, you can drink our water, sleep under the desk in the office, clothe yourself from the hundreds of items within our lost and found box and maybe, just maybe join us once again for a WOD, a bro session, a summer BBQ, ease yourself in gently, take the ON RAMP ;-) , just do us one favour!? If you will not come back, yet, show us a sign that you live on!! A sweet smelling patch of urine outside next doors roller door? Your shopping trolley ladened with random items essential for your survival, left for a mere few hours? If you can still write, possibly a note? Just so we can rest easy at night, knowing that you are out there, thinking of us!

We will carry on until that day, with a glimmer of hope each time we hear a car arrive outside. Coach Nic will tomorrow be attempting not to eat everything in sight and possibly take the hardcore amongst you through a workout! It will be officially a rest day, however Nic has thought up a mighty WOD, one that will cause involuntary bleeding from various orifices! Come down and enjoy…..oh yeah, it’s a secret! ;-)

Many thanks,
CrossFIt Cardiff,
The Coaches.

Open Gym 10am – 12noon

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