CrossFit Cardiff WOD - Tues 6th Oct

We'll just go ahead and assume that the classes were a little quieter today as a result of you all being sore after the half marathon on the weekend........and NOT because you took a look at the WOD beforehand and didn't fancy it!

Tomorrow will be much shorter for most of you (unless you went sub 7 mins today!) 

Part A - 30 Mins Skills

Gymnastics Technique Practice 

Kipping for TTB and Kipping for HSPU

Part B - 7 Minute AMRAP

  • 20 Toes to Bar
  • 10 HSPU

This is short so go hard, don't game it.

Also if you missed the announcement on Saturday about the changes and the special offer then here's the link

Here's how we plan to use the Wall Balls for the rest of the week.