Another Monday, another week! Lots of opportunity to get yourself smashed into the ground by Conroy, this time. The organisational wizard has devised a devilish week of brutality, set to be administered to you but the best team of coaches this side of Nagasaki! What a group of legends!

Groves Update
I know you ‘re all dying to find out what the week of abuse caused, well…he read every word and is coming back to the gym. Or so he says. Gradually at first, because he’s scared, but apparently planning to begin his quest to elite levels of Daddy fitness in August! Rally, send him hoards of shit on Facebook, IG and any other forms of communication. I think his number is on the toilet door at the Travellers Rest!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
1000m row 
15 Bar Muscle Ups
2000m Bike (1.2miles)
15 Ring Muscle Ups

This is going to be uncomfortable, but that’s ok, the best way is to get used to it. Times up please…

Muscle up.jpg