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WoD - Saturday 20th June 2015

Today we pay our respects to a fallen comrade. Even more than that, we shall spend the day raising money for a charity that dedicates itself to supporting the loved ones of such men and women; Forces Support. The organisers of Forces Support shall be at the box to meet and greet and get to know a little more about CrossFit and what we are capable of doing as a community.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Paul Woodland, 32, of the Special Boat Service, was thrown out of the upturned 15ft-long twin-engined Rib and apparently became snagged by his drysuit underneath the vessel.

His four comrades dragged him clear within a minute and a half, but as they pulled him up he was unconscious. The four men, who were only identified as soldiers B, C, D and F to protect national security, gave the inquest graphic accounts of the incident during a surf skills course off Saunton Sands, north Devon, in 2012.

Soldier C was the coxswain and he and soldier B said both engines became flooded and inoperable by the large breaking waves. He said a wave up to 5ft high hit them 50 to 80 yards from the shore, capsizing the boat and throwing the five-man crew into the water.

The crew each shouted out their number to register that they had surfaced, but there was silence when they reached number five who was Mr Woodland.

They fired safety flares which alerted safety jet skis to the scene. Mr Woodland was flown to North Devon Hospital in Barnstaple where minutes after arriving he was pronounced dead.

Soldier F said that the exercise was part of a boat-handlers course for Royal Marines, based at Instow in north Devon. He said this was the first time he had lost a “student in troop training” and losing both engines on the Rib was a “freak accident”. Paul Woodland was a highly trained operative and a good swimmer.

The Special Boat Service (SBS) is the special forces unit of the Naval Service.

It was founded in 1940 during the Second World War, when it started as the Special Boat. In the 1980s it was renamed as the Special Boat Service.

The SBS is under the Operational Command of Director Special Forces and is based in Hamworthy Barracks in Poole, Dorset.

The Royal Navy said its role is to ‘be carrying out daring, undercover raids using the element of surprise possible with small, highly-trained teams’.

The SBS is manned by ranks drawn mostly from the Royal Marines and its main tasks include intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism operations (surveillance or offensive action), sabotage and the disruption of enemy infrastructure, capture of specific individuals, close protection of senior politicians and military personnel, plus reconnaissance and combat action on foreign territory.

Around 200 to 250 service personnel make up the SBS at any one time and once qualified, they are known as ‘Swimmer Canoeists’.

They are elite military personnel who show physical and mental aptitude to make the step up to the next level. Many have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They are also experts in swimming, diving, parachuting, navigation, demolition and reconnaissance.

Members of the SBS wear a green commando beret with their own cap badge.

Paul Woodland

5 Rounds For time of:

5 Squat Snatch (70/50kg) 32 Double Unders 5 Burpee Muscle Ups 32 Box Jumps (20") 5 Thrusters (70/50kg)

WoD - Saturday 13th June 2015

Shortly before 1215 hrs local time Corporal Mulvihill was taking part in a joint ISAF - ANA patrol engaged in operations near Sangin. The marines of Alpha Company were conducting a clearance patrol to deter Taliban intimidation of local Afghans. It was during this action that an Improvised Explosive Device was detonated, which sadly killed Corporal Mulvihill instantly. He died leading his section and the Company from the front. Corporal Damian ‘Dee’ Mulvihill was born on 5 June 1975 and was from Plymouth. He joined the Royal Marines on 20 September 1998 and completed commando training despite contracting septicaemia towards the end. After passing out of recruit training, ‘Dee’ joined 42 Commando Royal Marines where he took part in numerous deployments around the world as well as taking part in OP PALLISER and OP SILKMAN in Sierra Leone and OP BANNER in Northern Ireland.

During his time at 42 Commando he was promoted to Lance Corporal. He then joined Air Defence Troop in 2002 and completed his specialist training before being promoted to Corporal in December 2003. On completion of his service with the United Kingdom Landing Force Command Support Group, based at Stonehouse Barracks in his home town of Plymouth, he joined Alpha Company, 40 Commando Royal Marines in April 2006.

‘Dee’ was a giant of a man who impressed all who met him. Ever cheerful, he would never allow problems to get him down. He always had a friendly word for anyone he met and his fantastic personality filled any room he walked into. He was an excellent listener and would always make time for others.

‘Dee’ loved his boxing and rugby and represented the Royal Marines at rugby union. He was also a keen water polo player and represented the Royal Navy and the Combined Services team at the sport. ‘Dee’ was a true character who will be fondly remembered by all who had the privilege to serve with him. Humorous, caring and a true friend, he will be sadly missed by all his comrades in 40 Commando Royal Marines and the wider Corps family.

‘Dee’ leaves behind a loving fiancee and family of whom he talked about to anybody and everybody. He and his fiancee Lisa were planning to get married in the near future, and our deepest sympathies are extended to Lisa, his parents and all family and friends.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Birrell Royal Marines, Commanding Officer of 40 Commando Royal Marines, said:

The loss of Corporal Mulvihill is a devastating blow for his family, his friends and his unit. An outstanding junior leader, he was immensely popular in both his company and the wider Commando unit. A charismatic man, he possessed an irrepressible sense of humour and would always be found with a broad smile on his face, regardless of the challenges or difficulties that he was facing.

As a marine, he epitomised the Commando spirit. A courageous and selfless comrade, his cheerfulness in adversity could be guaranteed, and he always demonstrated the very highest standards of professional competence in everything that he undertook."

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

"The Bear"

Within 20min complete an AMRAP of:

12 OH Walking Lunges (50/35kg) 15 Burpees 8 Bar Muscle Ups

Please post rounds and reps to comments...

WoD - Friday 12th June 2015

You had a partner WoD on Monday, not today! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: Try and climb a rope like Rich. Spend 15mins working on the technique.

B: For time:


C: Within 4mins of part B, establish a 1RM Split jerk

Please post times and loads to comments....

WoD - Thursday 11th June 2015

Gnarly tonight hey?! Fifty heavy overhead squats! I sense there may have been some cherry picking going on although Zipper came in looking like he was about to cry from DOMs so maybe you are all just a little sore!? This should fix you...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: Muscle up skills and drills. Spend 15mins working on the beauties.

B: Within 15mins complete an AMRAP of:

50 Double Unders 20 Power Snatches (35/25kg) 10 Muscle Ups

Please post rounds and reps to comments....

WoD - 10th June 2015

We won't get caught out here! Now even though you cannot out train a bad diet, you could probably still get away with only putting on a stone by drinking custard! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Build to a max load:

Overhead Squat

10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10

WoD - Tuesday 9th June 2015

So a brutal session today guys, and for a very good reason. The 30 - miler is the hardest tests of both physical fitness and mental fortitude that I have ever had to perform, bar none. It makes you wonder each step of the way what the hell you are doing it for; similar to this WoD. You all were complete heroes tonight, giving your all for an amazing cause, it wasn't just a workout. There was far more than that behind it. Love you all. CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: EMOM 10mins

Even: 5 Hang Squat Cleans (50kg) Odd: 15 Hip Extensions

B: For Time:

21 - 15 - 9

Deadlift (140/110kg) Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

Please post times to scores....

WoD - Saturday 30th May 2015

Get the workout done so as you can drink coffee and watch a bad assed show at Regionals! COME ON!! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time: Row 50 Cals 25 Muscle Ups 50 KB swings (32/24kg)

Please post times to comments....

WoD - Friday 29th May 2015

Be sure to watch the best in Europe throw down at the Meridian regionals today! Take the day off or hide in the toilet a little longer than usually and get watching! Call in sick. It's regionals time! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Partner WoD....

Within pairs with one athlete working at one time complete:

Within 15mins complete as many reps as possible of:

150 Wall Balls (20/14lbs) 100 Double unders Max reps Ground to Overhead (80/60kg)

Please post reps to comments...

WoD - Thursday 28th May 2015

Hopefully when you guys turn the peoples' heads who walk past you while you are en route to work today, will cause you to forget about the crippling pain in your glutes! Fingers crossed also, that you actually turned heads due to your legit buns of steel, and not because you are walking as if you have just got out of prison! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 20mins complete an AMRAP of:

Run 400m 30 Hang Power Cleans (40/30kg) 15 Burpees

Please post rounds and reps to comments...

WoD - Wednesday 27th May 2015

Woohoo!!! I've got the date right! Now I will be able to sleep at night! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 3 Rounds not for time of:

20 Hip Extensions 15 Wall squats

B: Back Rack Walking Lunges

20 - 20 - 20 - 20

C: For time:

50 Strict TTB

WoD - Tuesday 24th May 2015

This needs no introduction... CrossFit Cardiff WoD


21 - 15 - 9

Thruster (95/65lbs) Pull Ups

Go hard, please post times to comments...

WoD - Saturday 23rd May 2015

On the 22nd of May, 2013, Drummer Lee Rigby was attacked while returning to his barracks in London. Two men murdered him in cold blood and are subsequently serving a whole life sentence with a minimum of 45 years; prior being considered for release. He had proudly served for his country in Helmand province, Afghanistan, a place that later transpires to be safer than his own home! Lee Rigby was attacked as the perpetrators distinguished him as being a solider due to the Help For Heroes t-shirt that he was wearing, a charity he supported and one which received £600,000 in donations in the days that followed his death. When I served in the military we were told not to bare any uniform, display any badges and to show no sign of who we were! This is wrong! The people that fight to defend our country, both past and present, should receive the respect that they deserve. If this is all that we can do to show that, then so be it!

Please come along to the gym, perform his workout and pay your respects to the fallen.

Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was 25 years of age, described as being humorous, generous and loving. “His family meant everything to him, he was a loving son, husband, father, brother and uncle – and a friend to many.” He tragically died on the 22nd of May 2013 in an attack close to his home barracks. Drummer Rigby, 25, from Manchester, leaves behind a two-year-old son; Jack, his mother and his step-father and two sisters.

Gone but brother, we shall never forget. Rest In Peace.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD


For time:

22 Cal Row 25 Squat Cleans (42.5kg/30kg) 22 Double Unders 25 Bar-hop burpees 22 Double Unders 25 Push Press (42.5kg/30kg) 22 Double Unders 25 Pull Ups 22 Cal Row

When it gets hard remember why…..

WoD - Friday 24th April 2015

Pick a partner and get sweaty... CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

A: Within 5mins Complete as many reps as possible of:

Air Squats 7 STOH (70/50kg)*

Rest 2mins

B: Within 10mins establish a combined total of:

Front Squat

Rest 2mins

C: Within 5mins complete as many reps as possible of:

Burpees 7 Hang Power Cleans (70/50kg)

*The shoulder to overhead is the timer. Partner A will perform as many air squats as possible in the time it takes for partner B to complete the STOH. Switch, rinse & repeat for 5mins. The same goes for the hang power cleans in part C.

Enjoy and please post scores on the doors to comments....

WoD - Thursday 23rd April 2015

Loved you work today team! You kicked butt, that workout was not easy! It hurt a lot! Much more than bicep curls...Hey Hendy?

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1- 1 - 1

Split Jerk

Spend a long time figuring out technique for this movement, give yourself the best chance possible to get the biggest load overhead.

B: 5 Rounds for time of:

8 KB Swings (32/24kg) 12 TTB 40 Double Unders

Please post loads and times to comments....

WoD - Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Fun in the sun. Last couple of days for it...why not get an utter shit fest in. Apparently tonights wasn't hard enough CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time: 50 Deadlifts (50/35kg) 25 HSPUs 40 Power Cleans (50/35kg) 20 Box Jumps (30/24") 30 Thrusters (50/35kg) 15 Pull Ups 20 Power Snatch (50/35kg) 10 Muscle Ups

Now this is by now means an invite, although really it is...Happy Birthday Becky!! This kind of means that you have to come down and do this workout!!

Please post times to comments....

WoD - Tuesday 21 April 2015

Today's WoD was a total shitfest and I am sorry...ish! Cruel to be kind right?! Tomorrow isn't a lot better mind you...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: For time:

30 Cal Row 30 Double DB STOH (45/35) 30 Burpees 30 Double DB Front Squats (45/35)

Rest 3mins

B: For time:

20 Cal Row 20 Double DB STOH (45/35) 20 Burpees 20 Double DB Front Squats (45/35)

Rest 2mins


10 Cal Row 10 Double DB STOH (45/35) 10 Burpees 10 Double DB Front Squats (45/35)


Please post times to comments...

WoD - Wednesday 8th April 2015

There is no way in hell that if you go totally HAM on this workout, that it will hurt at all! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

5 Rounds for time of:

Row 300m 6 Push Jerks (90/70kg)

Please post rounds and reps to comments....

WoD - Tuesday 7th April 2015

Reports of two strange men have been making Cardiff headline in the last few hours. Sighted at Cardiff Bay, one seemed to be videoing the others A-hole, presumably for the purpose of "entertainment" at a later date. Police were called to the scene due to the nature of the incident: young children were seen to be running into their parents arms, worried for their safety. The two, who can only be described as pornographers, had fled prior to the arrival of the boys in blue; probably a lucky escape for a man in a uniform! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 3 Rounds for time of:

30 Wall Balls (20/14lbs) 20 Hang Power Cleans (60/40kg) 10 C2B Pull Ups

B: 3 Sets not for time of:

25 Hip Extensions Rest 60s 15 Strict TTB Rest 60s

Please post times to comments...

WoD - Wednesday 1st April 2015

Good Friday and Easter weekend opening hours below. Don't fuck it up! Friday - NO MORNING CLASS - 09:30 - 10:30 WoD Class 10:30 - 12:00 Open Gym 12:00 - 13:00 WoD Class 13:00 - 17:00 Open Gym 17:00 - 18:00 WoD Class 18:00 - 19:00 WoD Class

Saturday - Normal Hours

Sunday - Normal Hours

Monday - 10:00 - 12:00 Open gym 12:00 - 13:00 WoD Class

CrossFit Cardiff WoD


For time:

27 - 21 - 15 - 9 Cal Row Thruster (95/65lbs)


5 Rounds each for time of:

40 Double Unders 30 Wall Balls (20/14lbs) 20 Box Jumps (20") 10 Power Cleans (80/60kg) Rest 2mins

Please post a total time minus the rest to comments....

WoD - Tuesday 31st March 2015

Cracking job across all classes today gang. I was surprised that so many of you rocked up to such a gymnastics shiftiest! Now don't all stay at home the next time a 5K row comes out! CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: 3 Rounds not for time of:

20 Hip Extensions 20 Shoulder Press (Empty bar) 20 Air Squats

B: Within 20mins establish a 3RM Push Press

C: Every minute for 6 mins perform:

3 Push Jerks (use the 3RM from part B)

Please post loads to comments...