CrossFit Cardiff – Forging Elite Fitness In South Wales

CrossFit Cardiff brings to South Wales the world’s fastest growing Fitness, Strength & Conditioning programme. Combining gymnastics, olympic weight lifting and many other disciplines to acheive its goal. Here we will aim to tell you about our training method and provide continuous updates that allow you to develop your fitness, skills and abilities!

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We will update our Blog section daily, so that you get the benefit of our experience even when you are not in the gym. We also however, need your feed back. CrossFit is at it’s core, a fitness program; but it is also a community. YOU make this community what it is. We would love you to contribute to the site by leaving us feedback; times; photos; stories. We will all motivate each other! To read more about WODs and what is happening at CrossFit Cardiff please read our Blog.

CrossFit Cardiff - The Hurt Locker

CrossFit Cardiff - Evidence Based Fitness

Full selection of functional fitness equipment

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