Yes I know...... its getting darker and colder and the march toward Winter has begun.  The barbells will start to feel colder in your hands, and burpees will feel (even more) sucky. Your bed will start to feel like the more appealing option compared to the morning class (or the evening class!)...... and it feels like it must be 3am not the 6am your clock seems to be stubbornly maintaining it is.

Do not use this an excuse. Do not lose the momentum you have built up over the warm and sunny summer WOD's.  They'll be back again soon enough.  Now is the time to get serious about your training.

There's something I prefer about Winter WODs anyway....whether its because I'm influenced by the Iconic Rocky IV training montage in the snow or whether its just the added sense of achievement you get competing against the elements.  

Stay strong guys.

This weeks programming is brought to you by Daf Dennis.

Tomorrows WOD:

a) 5 Rounds for Time:

  • 16 Deadlifts (80/60)
  • 8 Overhead Squats (80/60)

Bar to start from the ground.  

b) 3 x 20 Hip Extension

Here's One of the best around, showing you what  should look like with a heavy load.