Skills and Strength await you tomorrow. Rest your lungs, you'll need them for the rest of the week ;)

Part A - Skills EMOM (12 Mins)

  • Even Minutes Perform 3 Squat Snatch (35/25) 
  • Odd Minutes Perform 30 Double Unders (or practice for 30 seconds)

The aim of the above is to work on efficiency and technique. Its not always about going as fast as you can!  Spend time becoming as proficient as you can with these movements and try to use the coaching cues you get.

Part B - Strength (30 Mins)

Establish a 3 Rep Max Weighted Ring Dip

There are few movements that tax the entire upper body as much as the Ring Dip.  If you need to use bands then try to use the weakest one you can.

Nathan.....lets be careful out there