A few folk earned some serious points in the bank tonight...eat those "heroes!" Drink that beer. It will be just deserved! Especially if you head to the box to do today's utter shitfest, as well as get 150 burpees knocked out on Xmas day! 

If not, I hope you all have a blinding Xmas. Enjoy the break and take full advantage! I can't wait to see you all after the silly season kitting out to the hilt in your brand new CrossFit gear! 

Xmas Eve WoD

In Pairs and for time:
Run 800m
100 Hang Power Snatch (40/30kg)
100 GHD Sit Ups
Run 400m
50 Back Rack Walking Lunges (60/40kg)
50 HSPUs
Run 400m
25 Push Jerks (80/60kg)
25 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 800m

All reps cal be divided been partners as you see fit, both must run together. 

Following the class, everyone is welcome to come and take over our local caffeine distributing venue. 

Xmas Day Burpees will be performed at 10am - 150. No coaching, warming up or fluffing (unless Ian comes down), just 3...2...1...GO. 

Please post times to comments and have a cracking Xmas