Loved the Monday Morning Crew, completely undeterred by the well timed downpour which coincided with the 2nd run.  I was also part of the evening class and can confirm that it was so much fun!  The intention for the workout was to make you hang onto the bar and squeeze out a few more reps, and you all embraced it, the threat of another 400m was clearly a good incentive!  Nice work.

I'm still coming to terms with the new blog layout but rest assured I'll be trying to make use of all the fancy multimedia functions in due course.

Tomorrow we take on a couple of short and spicy AMRAPS.  There is no real reason to break any of the movements here or at least to stop moving.  Enjoy!


7 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull Ups

10 Press Ups

15 Air Squats

Rest Exactly 2 minutes

7 Minute AMRAP

10 KBS (24/16) 

30 Double Unders