Two announcements so listen up:

1. You may have noticed that there are now plenty of storage options for you keep your stuff in the Paleo Grind.  Pick a pigeon hole, put your stuff in it and then TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU.  If anyone leaves their stuff in the gym overnight in the main area or left in a pigeon hole then we will take it and place it in big box (a temporary holding pen if you will) for a week or two at most prior to it being donated to charity or  thrown away.  Over the next week, Brad is going to be brutal in his cleansing of the crap that has accumulated in the box, so if you are missing anything then now is the time to claim it!  Who knows, we may even find Vickers rope.

2. A few of you have asked about getting more hoodies.  Let me know by the end of this week if you want to place an order then Facebook, e-mail, text or speak to me and I'll put your name down.  I need to know your size and colour and I need the money upfront please.  I'll get them delivered within a couple of weeks then. The only thing is this time they are £35 as a results of the much smaller order size.  Still good value though. 

Tomorrow we take on a Hero WOD.  Its a bit heavier than usual too!

"Heavy DT"

5 Rounds for time

  • 12 Deadlifts
  • 9 Hang Cleans
  • 6 Push Jerks

The Rx weight is 85kg for men and 60kg for women.  Pick a weight where you can do at least 3 Jerks without breaking.  Its meant to be hard so put yourself out of your comfort zone! 

Here's some inspiration from the best in the world (performing this at 205lbs which is 93kg!)