If anyone wants to be on TV and has seen the first series of this show and wants a go then feel free to apply, they have specifically approached us to ask our members.  The Cardiff Auditions are next month (Venue to be confirmed).

Dear James
Great to speak just now. As you know we’re producing the second series of the BBC’s ‘Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week’ and it would be fantastic if you could circulate details of how to apply to take part in the second series to your members.
I’m sure some of your guys would be a really great fit for the show and I’m hoping they’re looking for a new endurance challenge in 2016, which will push them to their physical and mental limits. We’re definitely looking for candidates that wouldn’t ordinarily apply to take part in a television show so the more information they can tell us in their application the better.
The series sees contestants attempt to complete a series of challenges based on Special Forces selection challenges from around the world. This is the ultimate test in both physical and mental strength and is one of the most demanding and toughest courses ever made for TV.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this extreme and high-adrenaline programme might appeal to your members.
Details of how to apply can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/takepart/special_forces16
Auditions will be held in Cardiff in February 2016. There’s an attached flyer with more details but it would be ace if you could forward the link to the website above and tweet and post on social media as well to help us get the word out.
 We’re reading applications as we go and booking audition slots early next week so the earlier people can apply the better – can’t wait to read their applications.
 Let me know if I can help with any other info.
 Best wishes and thanks in advance of your help
BBC Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week