May your quads rest well tonight after the feast of Wall Balls.  For tomorrow.  We Snatch.

A) 10 minute EMOM

Squat Snatch

Build up to a Max effort

Rest 2 Minutes

B) 8 minute Max Snatch Power Output (weight x reps)  

  • 1 Squat Snatch
  • 4 Bar Hop Burpees

After every snatch you have to perform the burpees.  The work out is scored on your weight x snatch reps (ignore your burpees).  For example if you managed to perform 20 snatches at 40kg then your score is 800 (The fact that you would have had to do 80 Burpees is just some extra fitness for you :)  Alternatively you could do 10 snatches at 80kg and get the same score but will complete far fewer burpees.