To get you in the mood  for Saturday's Throwdown here are the workouts!

WOD 1 -

  • 12 minute AMRAP: 
  • 50 deadlifts  
  • 50 lunges  
  • 40 hang cleans  
  • 40 box jumps  
  • 30 front squats  
  • 30 bar hop burpee
  • 20 stoh  
  • 20 pull ups  

WOD 2  - 

  • Clean and Jerk ladder starting at 40kg for the guys and starting at 30kg for the girls  

WOD 3 -  

  • 42 - 30 - 18:   
  • Row for calories  
  • Wall balls  (20lbs/14lbs) 

I've purposely programmed these WODs so that everyone should be able to work through them well still offering a challage to all levels of ability. At the end of the day it's just a bit of fun so don't be afraid to come down and challenge yourself! 

Also don't forget we the gym opens at 8:30am but you MUST BE here for 9:00am (and obviously there won't be a 11:00am class) 


Now Friday's Partner WOD -  

For Time:  

  • 2000m row 
  • Static deadlift hold (100/70)  

One person rows while the other holds the top of the deadlift. 

  • 50 Toes to bar  
  •  Hang on the pull up bar

One person complete Toes to bar  while the other hangs of the bar 

  • 25 handstand push-ups  
  • Handstand hold 

One person completes handstand push-ups while the other hold a handstand against the wall