The Crossfit Cardiff Throwdown is this weekend! Here's some important information you'll need to know! 

  • Gym opens at 8:30am
  • Registration at 9:00am (£10 payment) 
  • First WOD soon after  
  • It will finish late afternoon(ish)  
  • There's a hog roast! 
  • It's just a bit of fun come down and get involved!  

join the event via the Facebook page:


5 rounds for time of:  

  • 15 Bar hop burpees 
  • 15 Power snatches (35/25) 

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Each round should be a sprint, the rest will allow you to fully recover so go HARD! Push yourselves, do the Burpees as fast as you can and there is NO reason to drop the bar so don't be that person!