Alright you old sweaty dogs, it's time to welcome in the newbies. You'll be able to easily distinguish them: the ones who go crossed eyed when attempting to figure out what HSPUs, AMRAPs or STOHs are!! 

Please help them out and remember, not too long ago...that was you. 

Isn't that right Jimi??

Please come on in team, it'll only take you a few years of hard slog to look as bad ass as this!! 

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

"Adopt an On Ramper"

Within 15mins complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Power Cleans (60/40kg)
12 Box Jumps (24/20")

This workout will be performed in a You Go, I Go format. One round at a time. 

Please post scores to comments...