So maybe we tried to fit too much into the class today! Sorry if some of the classes overran, We put a lot of thought into making this a bit of fun and something a little different.  Hopefully you enjoyed it.

In other news, the games have started!! The first two workouts were a 7km Trail run quickly followed by a Deadlift ladder. This is a repeat of the 2009 first two workouts.  They've obviously seen what we're doing here at CFC and realised that is a great idea so have just copied us.

Tomorrow we go back to the 2013 Games.

2013 - Event 7

Naughty Nancy

4 Rounds for time

  • Run 600m
  • 25 OHS (65/42.5)

Josh Bridges to beat at 16.31

Anyone Rx'ing this will get first dibs on the hot tub on Saturday.