If you just LOVED Monday, well you are going to just HEART today! 

Make sure you remember...the Ginger Ninja that is dishing out aaaallllll the love to you lovelies!! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 30mins, complete as many rounds as possible of:

Run 400m

Rest for double the time taken to run the distance. 

Scaling Options

500m Row
400m AB

Accessory Program


  1. Film your technique while performing 5 of your best press ups VIDEO

Tempo press ups - 4 sets x 5 reps (1s down, 1s pause with chest hovering above the floor and a fast ascent) VIDEO

1.1 After set 1 perform a single arm dumbbell (light) bench press - 5 reps on each arm (5s down and 5s up) - keep your lats and chest activated the whole time. VIDEO
1.2. After set 2 perform a single arm overhead press with either a small (1.25,2.5kg) plate, light dumbbell or light kettlebell (hold by the handle) - 5 reps on each arm (5s up and 5s down) - keep your lats and chest activated the whole time. VIDEO

Preferably perform this exercise with a kettlebell (by the handle), however, if it is too heavy then do not worry!

1.3. After set 3 perform shoulder taps x 20 reps VIDEO 
1.4. After set 4 perform push up hold to plank x 10 reps