I know you have all been eagerly updating your browsers; refreshing facebook; asking coaches, (Mel is a sucker by the way, she will literally tell anyone anything, especially if you give her a beer) desperately trying to get e sneak preview of what is lying in wait for you all.

Well...it's time...

Partner League 3

For time:
42 - 30 - 18
Hang Power Clean
Shoulder to Overhead

Rx loading (50/35kg)
Scaled loading (35/20kg)

Accessory Program

  1. Goblet squat with small plate (ideally 2.5kg or less weight than you used in the 5th week) - 2 sets x 5 reps (10s down, 1s pause at the bottom and a fast ascent)
  2. Single leg touchdown progressions - 4 sets x 5 reps on 6x20kg plates stacked

2.1. After sets 1 and 2 perform a banded ankle stretch with a kettlebell - 1min on each leg (2mins total per leg)

2.2 After sets 3 and 4 perform a calf stretch on a plate - 1min on each leg (2mins total per leg)

The current leaderboard is below. Full blurriness will remain until it is fully updated. And it will be fully updated once everyone submits their scores! #donthatethegame

Special thanks goes to Conroy and his spreadsheet skills. 

Ps. I think that anyone who hasn't completed all WoDs by the 25th should have to do them as a handicap prior to performing the actual workout programmed for that day. Votes to comments. 

Partner League Leader board.JPG