You know what Friday means right? You switch your gym clothes for your handbags and glad rags, and your burpees for beers! Only after smashing yourself to near death in a workout of course! 

Speaking of glad rags and beers, it's time to start forking up for the Xmas doo. All the details are on the board, but tickets are £20 and the date is the 16th. This includes food, a band, a DJ and some booze. The venue will be open at 7pm, with food being served at 8. The band kicks off at 10 and the place closes at 02:30. Remember, the after party (typically reserved only for the elite), consists of cold pizza crusts, spirits mixed with whey protein and pre-workout, inappropriate use of kitchen utensils and all takes place at Ash's house. Seeing as he is such a loving and caring guy, he has opened up to invite to any and all; not just the select few.
Entry will be allowed only after repeatedly banging on the front door and shouting "let me in you ginger bastard" loudly, three times. 

To get in on all the above action, please cough up and give over your hard earned readies to a coach; all of them are fully aware of of what to do with it. 
The last day you can pay, will be December the 1st. Do NOT miss out!

Ps. There will be a gnarly workout performed the day of the party, the 16th, maybe or maybe not to the tune of 'On the first day of Christmas'

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Weighted Pull Up
5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
Max unbroken Handstand Push Ups, between rounds. 

The goal is to increase the load each set.

Please write loads and reps to the whiteboard...

Christmas party.jpg