The long await is over, Partner League Workout 2 is here! The atmosphere at the gym looked to be electric and I am expecting there to be nothing different this week. 

Today's workout will give you the option to climb up the establish and excitingly close leaderboard! 

Just a small insight into my warped mind...I googled a Russian Swing band and got Alex. Tsfasman, otherwise known as Joseph Joseph, presumably a member of a Russian Swing band who's name I could not find. Clearly this clue directed you to kettlebell swings, easy day! 
Now I mentioned that he thought that the 10mins would be full of utter bastards! Only one person actually guessed this correctly, but as he let me know via email, he is exempt from the prize draw.
The correct answer: Burpees. The British Military refer to the commonly know burpee as a BASTARD. Basically because they are hard, and we were forced to shout out the word BASTARD at the top of our voices at the top of the jump & clap!!
One bonus though, in doing research for these ridiculous clues I discovered that the inventor of the burpee was Dr Robert H "Burpee" of Columbia University. Designed as a fitness test for the US Army.

Anyway. Congratulations to Nick Webb for posting a semi relevant guess but being the winner by default; he was only one of 3 comments, and was by far the funniest. You sir, have earned yourself a spanking new CrossFit Cardiff Hoodie on arrival (hopefully this Friday - printer dependant), tantalising pictures to be published soon!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

10min AMRAP, You Go, I Go
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
10 Burpees

10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (16/12kg)
10 Burpees

Please post rounds and reps to the whiteboard...

Partner League WoD 2.JPG