Man we are so close I can almost smell Ash's vomit! 2 SLEEPS!!

So I have already posted the opening times over Xmas. If you didn't see them there here's a link...

CrossFit Cardiff Christmas Opening Hours

What you will notice is that we are open on Christmas morning, and here's why. While I worked within the Marines, in Iraq and for the Ambulance service, I had to work Christmas's. For eleven straight years I was away from home or working. Now I'm not crazy about Xmas, but I do love the fact that it's the one time of year that you get to see all the amazing people within your life, typically all in one place.
So when you are half way around the world, or you have to work a 12 hour shift, it sucks and regardless of who you are, the mind wanders. 
We have something very special down at CrossFit Cardiff, a community that has been noted by many visitors as to be something that they admire, and desire. 
For those of you who are working, or even if you just can't take a rest day, or may not actually see another human being on Xmas day by choice...come down to the box. It'll be cold, it might even be raining, but there will be a few willing folk to suffer (the only suffering is listening to Mariah) through 150 burpees. Afterwards we can eat mince pies, for recovery of course, drink coffee if you want, and spare a thought for those who are miles away from those who love them, or even just down the road. 

If you can spare a few minutes, at 11am, come down and hang out. Even if you just eat mince pies, and do NO burpees, it would be cool to see you. 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
10 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 200m
8 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 400m
6 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 800m
4 Bar Muscle Ups
Run 1 mile
2 Bar Muscle Ups

Please bitch slap Conroy and write your times to the white board...