Registration 08:30-09:10 £10 entry on arrival


WOD briefings 09:15-09:30


First heat of WOD 1 to begin @ 09:50


Remaining heat times to be determined by how many of you sexy fitness loving individuals turn up!


This is all meant as a bit of fun, 3 workouts (below) and a surprise final for those at the top of the pile.


So come on down, do some fitness, cheer on your friends, and your entry fee covers the workouts, a goody bag from Cardiff Sports Nutrition and some slow cooked brisket at the end of the day and a super fun raffle.


Please note there will be no 11:00 class as a result.


All workouts will be scaleable :)


WOD 1:


For time (12 minute time cap)


20 cal row, 20 kb swings (24/16), 20 cal row, 20 box jumps (24/20), 20 cal row, 20 wall balls (20/14), 20 cal row, 20 pull ups, 20 cal row  (15 cals for females)


Score is time to complete 180 reps. If all reps are not completed score is time cap plus one second per rep outstanding.


WOD 2:


Cluster ladder - 1 minute at each bar.


Men - 40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120.              Women - 25/30/40/45/50/55/60/65/70


Weights in KG.


If you fail at any point to complete a lift in the minute you are out of the ladder. Score will be final load lifted for a complete cluster. Credit will be given for a successful squat clean/ clean and front squat.


WOD 3:


8 minute AMRAP -


3 power snatch @ 40/30, 3 bar hop burpees, 6 power snatch, 6 bar hop burpees etc


Score is total reps completed.


See you all in the morning! If you could like or comment on the post if you are coming down that would be great!