Evening all. Alongside this workout update, I write to give you guys some news which I am sure many of you have actually already heard.

For many years, Brad has been the Head Coach of Reebok CrossFit Cardiff. He has guided you through workouts with support and passion, teaching you how to perform some of the more difficult movements as well as the easier ones. He has helped many of you fulfil your fitness goals and smash training targets.

Brad is now moving on to pursue other ventures. The entire team here at CrossFit Cardiff, and I’m sure it’s members too, wish him the very best for the future. 

That being said, there are exciting times ahead for CrossFit Cardiff. Keep your eyes peeled for some big changes to your box, starting next week. You won't have to look hard...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Establish a 1RM, for the following complex:

Power Clean
Squat Clean
Push Press
Push Jerk