As I can see, everyone's love for the bike is increasing, I shall endeavour to program them more often! You lucky F**KERS!!

BE WARNED...There is a duck on the loose at the gym, he's too fast to see. Last heard behind reception. 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

5 Rounds for time:
Run 200m
18 Burpee Box Jump overs (30/24")

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Accessory Program cont...

3 x 8 eccentric ring rows - horizontal for added difficulty (1second up/5 HONEST seconds down)

Superset between Set 1 and 2:
10 Reverse lunge to stand - aggressive ascent, add plate on front foot to increase difficulty
30 Wall Toe taps per leg - heels stay down
Superset between Set 2 and 3:
10 lunge steps with thoracic twist
30 Wall hip drives per leg - heels stay down
Superset after Set 3:
10 Romanian deadlifts (light plate or KB, merely for activation)   
30s of weighted static ankle stretch (barbell for both or KB for each side.

2 Rounds not for time, but for form of:
10 Kip swings (big focus on lats pulling)
5 single leg deadlifts in 3 directions, per leg
5 Slow decent Wall squats - an honest 5 seconds down/1 up with a biiiiiig butt squeeze. 
10 GHD Hip extensions.