An old friend of mine is in need of some help. Matt "Ginge" Lavery was someone who I served with for many years, we became seriously good friends and got up to a fair about of mischief. 

Ginge left the Royal Marines and since, has seemed to be on a personal endeavour to raise as money as humanly possible for every charity in existence. 

He is running/treking/swimming/climbing, with anyone else who will take part, 501 miles in 50 days. This is all in aid of raising money for a Manchester based children's hospital. Please, please could you help him out. 

The last mile, hopefully, will be climbing a rope at a local CrossFit gym; planning permitting. 

If you can spare anything, then please do using the below link. 

Just Giving Page

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

4 Sets of:

4 Back Rack Walking Lunges
4 Back Squats
4 Back Rack Walking Lunges

Lift as heavy as possible, across all 4 sets, that technique will allow. Please post loads to the white board...