Who's legs hurt? Mine do!! Strange how 150 wall balls and some "running" will do that to you! 

She's not only brutal when programming workouts, but while on the last day of a 3 day fast, Hannah decides to put a mouth watering chicken soup in the slow cooker! Cheers buddy!!!

Last day of a total beasting for you lot...or is it? I promise the coaching staff definitely does NOT attempt to outdo each other with the brutality of their programming. With that in mind...good luck for next week!! 

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

12 Rounds for time of:
3 Deadlifts (140/100kg)
6 Handstand Push Ups
30 Double Unders

Athletes will perform the workout in a you go, I go fashion; completing 6 rounds each. 

Post your lighteningly fast times to the whiteboard please...