Well I always remember it being bad but that was horrendous! A little bit of a right of passage though, especially for me seeing as it was my first ever CrossFit workout. Why the hell I’m sat here writing this to you, still doing CrossFit and having opened my own gym I have no idea…maybe I just wanted to share the “love”…not wanting to keep that special feeling all to myself!

Talking about special feelings…get your monies in for the Christmas party please. Affording you lot the ability to experience the special feeling of alcohol on December 21st. It’s now a month away and I need to give numbers over to Tiny Rebel. I need to get numbers to them by the end of the month…do not miss out.
£20 in CASH at the box to a coach and we shall record your name. Sorted! I would use this post to display a picture of last years carnage, but…there isn’t one! Not one picture out of 70 people! At least 70 smart phones in one room (some of those of you who are not to be trusted who own two) and not one picture! That tells you three things:

  1. Everyone was having such a kick ass time that they forgot to take their phones out of their pockets to record the event.

  2. You really should make sure you buy a ticket to this year in order to experience it!

  3. All of us were waaaaaaaay too pissed to be able to work our phones anyway!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Front Rack Walking Lunge
10 - 10 - 10 - 10
Use these sets to build load throughout. Load is technique dependant.

Please record your ass breaking weights to the whiteboard upon completion…