Word on the street is that Cardiff City Council are fretting that there may not be enough street cleaners available to mop up the aftermath of the CrossFit Cardiff Xmas Party 2018. They might actually be right, I have a sneaky suspicion that I will not be feeling tip top on Saturday.

I am a little worried for the safety of the countries of the far east though…there has never been a room so full of such good f**kers! God only knows what might happen! It’s certainly a tsunami inciting situation.

4 Days!

Ps. I get to meet my Puppy Oppo on the same day…If Carlsberg did Friday’s…

In other news, it appears that Matt Evans, a good friend of mine from Swansea, has proven himself as the ultimate Child Whisperer; he was able to control Lottie, AKA The Aggro Midget!
Now seeing as he has twins, they like toys and stuff, and it’s Christmas…he is more than willing to offer his services around the globe for the right price. Please email for more information.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 30 minutes set a 1 RM:

Front Squat

Please write all loads to the whiteboard. If it’s a new PB then honk the horn and write in red, if not, then don’t you worry…we will lunge more soon! ;-)

Cardiff Kids Course - Girls.jpg