With the Xmas party rapidly approaching, I am looking for some help, we need to crown the 2018 Members Member.

But, for those of you who weren’t here last year…I have to tell you the what it’s all about.

Towards the end of each Royal Marines recruit troop, the lads vote for who amongst them, should be awarded the Commando Medal. The Commando Medal is awarded to the man who has demonstrated throughout training, to an outstanding degree, the Commando qualities and Commando spirit. 
Cheerfulness In The Face of Adversity 

These are qualities that I see in you lot every single day, and is one of the biggest driving forces behind CrossFit Cardiff as well as my passion for CrossFit. The positive affect that they have on everyone around them cannot be underestimated.
I would like you to vote for the gym's members member. Our example of The Commando Medal. The person who has demonstrated passion and the care for others. Take your time and think about it, think outside of the box, maybe not just the person who has been there for you, but for everyone.

I am going to leave a glass jar at reception, along with paper and a pen. Please, as you walk into the gym, take a few seconds to write a name down, screw up the piece of paper and pop it in. 

It will be available from Monday evening and the winner will be announced on the Xmas doo. Get voting please team!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For 5 Rounds
Within 3 minutes climb as high as possible within the ladder of:
5/5, 10/10, 15/15 and so on, of:
Calorie Row

Rest for 6 minutes between rounds, continue where you left off from the previous round.

Sprint through each 3 minute window and write your last completed round and partial reps to the whiteboard…