No long now...the summer months are coming! No more use of hats and gloves, multiple hoodies and longs, they are soon to be packed right away! As is the winter duvet! Get that sucker gone until next January! 

In another little twist of routine, we are hosting a Friday night lights event this coming Friday, especially for 18.4. Heats will be running throughout the evening, but please arrive for the usually scheduled class times. Athletes will farm through the workout which, is perfectly obviously going to contain wall balls...made obvious from the latest "clue" put forward by the man himself...


In yet another twist, we see a "partner" workout programmed tomorrow! Great times hey?! 

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

Within 2mins, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of: 
20 TTB
15/12 Cal Assault bike
Max reps Kettlebell Farmers carry 10m shuttles (2 x 32/24kg) (1 x 10m length equals 1 rep.) 
Repeat in a you go, I go fashion for 10 total rounds. 

Please post total reps to comments... 

Ash is going to get a visit from the big boss

Ash is going to get a visit from the big boss