So I am not intentionally being a douchebag, I genuinely don't know the workout. It will be explained to the masses by the Director of the Games, Mr Dave Castro. And not a minute earlier than dick o'clock! 

As the gym is closed this weekend due to the CrossFit Training, Level 1 seminar, we shall be doing 18.4 tomorrow night. But you all already know that and have prepared your team colours ready to rock! 
Now, not to worry. I am not going to make you survive all weekend without throwing some tin around. I shall be offering a wonderful hang over curing workout, at 6pm on Sunday. Come down in your masses to take part, it was a blast last time! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Do whatever the F**K 18.4 is as hard as you can and please record your times/scores/loads (??) to the whiteboard!