None of you are going to bed before seeing what 18.5 is are you, aside from maybe you Melski, I mean you don't want to be all tired out for a weekend on the razz now do you?! 

The rest of us are more than likely excitedly sat on the edge of our sofa's, eagerly awaiting Dave Castro's release of 18.5, the final (or is it?)* piece of the puzzle! 

*It's not the final piece of our puzzle...this bank holiday we will be having one more final Team Showdown. A fulfilled and meat fuelled event to cap off the 2018 CrossFit Games Open season.

Teams will be able to choose who performs each section of a continuous workout. Gaining "points" for rather than bragging rights on the whiteboard...just a bit of a laugh. An old fashion face off with buddies, followed by a frolic or two out on the tiles.  

Further details will be released throughout the week leading up to the event in a nail biting and exciting build up. Watch this space and have an awesome weekend please! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Every minute, for 15 long and grippy minutes, perform:
5 Pull Ups
4 Chest to Bar
3 Bar Muscle Ups

All without falling off please! If you are still able to grip a whiteboard marker, could you write whether you were successful or not please...

NOW, rumour has it that 18.5 will be hell on pull up earth, but who actually knows. Should that be the case, and only if it is the case, the training team will reserve the right to change the workout, style. They know what the workout is, you don't, preventing you from bullying the poor ginger one into doing something that he doesn't want to do! ;-) 

Good luck with whatever shows up. 

Can't wait for my weekend! 

Can't wait for my weekend!