It's here! The day of the final team show down. 

Get down the gym and have a blast on your Saturday. Stay later and watch the feature film, hang with your buddies and have a laugh. Following the event, I am fairly sure that at least some will be heading out on the lash, especially if your names are Woody and Jimi and you have a long weekend to get over the fear!! 

The last two pieces of the puzzle are below...


Part G

From minute 77 to minute 87
3 Team members will Perform an AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (60/40kg)
25 Air Squats
Reps can be split in any fashion, with 1 athlete working at any one time.

Part H 
From minute 87 to minute 90
3 Team members will Perform an AMRAP of:
1 athlete to be working at any one time.

Trust rather than judges will be used to determine the loads, rounds and reps of all sections. Fun is the intention rather than being crowned the official winning team. 

Hours are: 
Briefing at 10:00
Workout Starts at 10:30
Workout Ends at 12:00
Drunken fun begins!!