What a bad assed weekend. 50 new folk coming into the box to start their journey as CrossFit L1 Trainers. All awesome folk working hard and kicking butt.  

You lot looked to have an amazing workout in Roath park; led by Conners, Hannah and Mel, demonstrating the mantra coined by Conor McGregor..."we're not here to take part, we're here to take over!" The poor buggers of the various Outdoor Fitness groups, stuck doing plank holds and partial squats, must have been gutted not to be throwing dumbbells around, spraying sweat all over the jazz!! Made even worse by said poor buggers being asked to take a break from their core busting plank holds, to take a picture of 32 six packs, by Conroy! 

Finally, you lot have fully embraced and dedicated yourselves to the goal of getting Ash as fit as humanly possible, done so through recording just how many times you have seen him, big bold and ginger on the TV, crushing athletes dreams! By day 1 he had to perform 100 cals on the ASS bike. Stay tuned tomorrow for the full and complete number. A post on IG will be made. 
However, you should never let a man train alone...and so whatever the total number if calories end up being, I will do it with him. Be nice ya bastards...just remember who's programming for you this week. ;-) 

Speaking of which...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

10 - 10 - 10 - 10

Overhead Walking Lunge*

*These reps will be hard, but I want you to load to the point that you are able to maintain control of movement. Dedicate this hour to getting better, while pushing yourself to a heavy stimulus.