Just as a reminder, tomorrow's event (bring a buddy throw down) will take place between 10 and 12:30. All info is available through Event posted on the Facebook members group. 

Yesterday's workout was designed by the very best, the mothership, in order to be fast and dirty! If you were able to go fast enough that it hurt significantly, but exactly 3 minutes after you pulled your chin over the bar for the last time...well done, you got it right! 

Today is supposed to be a challenge. It will burn in a different way, the movements are complex, heavy by design, partially compliment each other but still create a unique feeling. 
This workout is designed to push the fittest in our community. In order to get the scaling right for this, you should look to be able to complete the gymnastics in two sets and the snatches in singles, taking around 20 seconds rest between each rep. The bar should make your legs burn but your face smile! 
Attack it, be aggressive but always under control. 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

"I’m out of funky names"
2 Rounds For Time:
30 Toes To Bar
5 Squat Snatches (80/60kg)
15 Handstand Push Ups
5 Squat Snatches (80/60kg)

Take your tired bodies over to the whiteboard, and write your times please...