Well I seriously hope that you lot are still sweating on account of having eaten excessive amounts of meat yesterday at Got Beef. Remember, it was not just a one off...we are going to be working together in the future and with your slick cards, you will be able to gain a continuous saving of 10% off burgers!! You could even buy three, one to eat and the other two to clag straight on your chests!!  

The gym is closed this coming weekend for a CrossFit L1 Trainer course. However, the weather is set to be bad ass and so a WoD class will be taught, at Roath park in the middle of the rays.
Now on top of the amazing news that you will be yet again taking over the show in the park, but I will be releasing another super cool saving launch that you can make with your black cards...details to follow! 

Curb the excitement for a minute, focus on the first instalment of this week's thrashings! ;-) 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

4 Rounds, each for max calories of:
Within 2 mins:
25/18 Calorie Assault Bike
Max Calorie Row
Rest 6 mins

Please scribe your massive calorie scores to the whiteboard, per round, using your strong hands!