What a weekend! In order to do it justice I had to sit and wait, reflecting on the performances not just on the sand, but back in the caravan. 
Both teams battled hard, and to the very end, affording them the ability to hold their heads high with pride. 
A massive shout out initially to Kath Shafer, as you guys are likely to already know, Kath battled significant adversity during a swim and a paddle board event. Having only ever swam 25m in a pool, the thought of having to swim 600m, in open water and while already fatigued, could have been cause to alarm. Kath, like a stone faced, steely eyed dealer of death, blasted through as if there was nothing new! However, there is no way that she would've felt as safe if it hadn't have been for her team and our wonderful support crew. 
Multiple teams commented on how "well oiled" our machine was. From Sam Price's F1 like driving skills to Jimi (AKA The BBQ King), Ben, Woody, Rach, Mel and Mel, and Daisy for devoting and assisting in the mammoth task of keeping us well fed and watered. Beth's dedication to ensuring that the banging tunes pumped hard all weekend, kept morale sky high! Conroy, you'll all be surprised to hear had the organisational skills of a Colonel commanding a unit attack on a particularly witty enemy, in fact coupled with Ash and his forward thinking, ready for any and every eventuality, we were unbeatable. 
Without a shadow of a doubt however, there was one special person, the glue keeping us all together and the voice making reversing seamless!! 
Hannah though, the one that started everything, and made it happen, has been thanked by all, multiple times, and so she should! What a star, and what an event! 

GET YOURSELVES SIGNED UP NEXT YEAR!! You will not regret it! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time
21 - 15 - 9
Assault Bike Calories
Box over Jumps (24/20")

Sprint through these reps, potentially vomit, and please write your times to the whiteboard...

Blue steel and beach ready! 

Blue steel and beach ready!