If you are reading this, then you have nearly survived! Only one more beasting awaits you, and you are going to love it! Honest!

I promise, that after tomorrow I shall leave you well alone...until next week anyway! 😉

Aside from making you aware of yet another immenant ASSault, I have something cool to share via the medium of screenshot. Alfie, the long legend has made a significant mark in the community, and for very good reason! I shall let you read the picture...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 3mins complete:
20/15 Assault Bike Calories
30 Wall balls (20/14lbs)
In the remaining time: Max ring muscle ups
Rest 6 minutes between rounds. Repeat for 3 total rounds.

Please write your total number of muscle ups to the whiteboard. And a F**K yeah if you get your first...