Lieutenant Augustin and Marine Alexander were killed by an improvised explosive device whilst on patrol in the Loy Mandeh area of the Nad ‘Ali district in Helmand province.

The patrol, which was led by Lieutenant Augustin, was tasked to disrupt insurgent activity in their perceived rear area and provide depth to the Clear, Hold, Build Operation occurring to the north in Loy Mandeh Kalay further to expand the influence of the Government of Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Oliver Richard Augustin

Lieutenant Ollie Augustin Royal Marines was born in Kent on 16 March 1988. He attended Dartford Grammar School before leaving aged 18 to spend a year travelling.
During this time he spent two months volunteering at a school in Kenya before travelling down to South Africa through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana. He then flew on to Australia where he spent six months working, before concluding his travels in New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii.
On return, whilst undergoing the application procedure to join the Royal Marines as a Commissioned Officer, he studied at Bexley College and was employed as a fitter and plasterer.
Lieutenant Augustin Royal Marines began Officer Training in September 2009, passing fit for duty in December 2010. His first appointment was in Command of Fire Support Group, Juliet Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines.

He leaves behind his father Sean, his mother Jane and his sister Sarah.

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Marine Samuel Giles William Alexander MC

Marine Sam Alexander MC was born on 16 June 1982 in Hammersmith, London, where he grew up with his mother, Serena, father Stuart and sister, Sophie. He was married to Claire in November 2009 and their son Leo was born in July 2010.
He joined the Royal Marines in July 2006 and passed fit for duty in October 2007. On completion of training, Marine Alexander MC was appointed to the Fire Support Group in Mike Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines.
He later moved to Kilo Company and deployed on Operation HERRICK 9, during which he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. On his return from operations he trained as a Heavy Weapons (Anti-Tank) specialist and was appointed to Juliet Company, before returning to Afghanistan for Operation HERRICK 14.

He leaves behind his wife Claire and his son Leo.

Mne Samuel Alexander.jpg


Richard Augustin
For time:
54 Pull ups
54 Handstand Push Ups
107 Double Unders (Each)
54 Burpees
54 Air Squats
53 Pull ups
53 Handstand Push Ups
107 Double Unders (Each)
53 Burpees
53 Air Squats
Rest for 2mins in memory of Richard Augustin

Complete with a partner (Oppo), work will be divided as necessary unless stated

Samuel Alexander
For time:
27 Power Snatch (70/50kg)
5 Overhead Squats (100/70kg)
11 Squat Snatch (80/60kg)

Rest for 2mins in memory of Samuel Alexander

Both pairs complete the entire workout, one person working at a time. Move to next movement once both pair has completed each section.

Please write completed times, for each workout to the whiteboard...