Some housekeeping team. Please remember that there is an L1 at the box this weekend, meaning that we will be closed until 5:30pm on Sunday when Liv will be allowing you to ‘relax’ away all those weekend troubles, cure the hang overs and get you all fighting fit for another Monday.

Tomorrow, we are letting you loose on a new movement…the Inverted Burpee. A huge challenge for core strength, coordination, , agility, accuracy and balance; in other words, some serious vestibular system training…you’re welcome!

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

14 Rounds For Time, in a you go, I go fashion of:
1 Deadlift (180/110kg)
15m Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (2x50/35lbs) 
6 Inverted Burpee

Once you no longer want to vomit, please write times to the whiteboard…

Clearly you will all be looking like the above, especially following some top notch coaching! And NOT like the below!