Here it is team, the brief for the Open…

Tomorrow, teams will be decided, at random and placed under the charge of our seriously legit and passionate Team Captains.
Each team has an allocated charity and will be tasked to raise as much money as possible throughout the 5 weeks of the open in anyway they deem fit.

Each alternative week will see a specific theme brought forward by each team, again with the intention to raise funds. One team is responsible one week, the other the next. This will flip flop throughout the first four weeks of the open with CrossFit Cardiff deciding the theme for the final, 20.5.

As per example, Team *** is allocated 20.1 and therefore 20.3 and decides that on 20.1 athletes must come dressed as dinosaurs (I really hope someone chooses this by the way), then each team mate who does such will be required to make a charitable donation of a minimum £1.

Remember the goal. The team who raises the most amount of money for their charity wins. Splinter groups who decide to conduct extra curricular, gorilla style fund raising throughout the duration of the open is entirely fair game…just please ensure that it is all legal!

Team Captains and Charities

Team ****
Captain: Liam Addy
Charity: FaceUp Cymru. A small local charity that helps patients who have suffered head and neck cancers. With a 50% survival rate at 5 years and often debilitating surgery that leaves some unable to speak or be left with facial dis-figurement  they struggle psychologically. The charity helps with these issues.

Team ****
Captain: Christie Sull
Charity: Shelter Cymru describes itself as Wales's people and homes charity. Its vision is that a decent, secure home is a fundamental right and essential to the health and well-being of communities. They work for people in housing need by providing free, independent, expert housing advice and campaign to overcome the barriers which stand in the way of people in Wales having a decent, secure home.

Points to Note

  1. Now then, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow, for a release of the team rosters.

  2. Now I know that we typically allow our wonderful ladies to go first, however I know just how indecisive Christie is and am therefore confident that she will be grateful knowing that her allocated themed week is 20.2, so the second. Liam is also a legit gent and so will i’m sure, take one for the team.

  3. There is no need to fret or worry about the legit team names as per above, the first job for each team captain is to decide, with the aid of their teams, an appropriate team name. Remember, these names could likely be used in the public eye to assist with fund raising, so no Team BallBag please!

Finally…remember what this open is about, please stick to the schedule as much as humanly possible, make sacrifices and understand that even though I love you lot dearly, none of you are going to win and take down Mat Fraser or Tia Toomey…sorry to burst that bubble. BUT…you could dedicate some time to demonstrate the power of the fucking amazing community we have (just like you did throughout the month of September last year) and collect some serious money and awareness to significantly help some folk local to us. Who knows, maybe even Tom Hardy will share an IG post again! 😉

Get excited about the next five weeks, and get excited about the workout tomorrow…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Tabata Snatch (40/30kg)

Rest 1 min

Tabata Snatch (50/35kg)

Rest 1min

Tabata Snatch (60/40kg)

Rest 1min

Within 15 minutes establish a 1RM Snatch

Tabata is an 8 round interval of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Please record the total amount of reps, per load, to the whiteboard…