So, who’s hip flexors are in bits?? A few of you guys a bet - possibly not though - as much as Hamish’s are. Holy shit, if you are reading this buddy, I hope it is from flat on your back.
A very well done for completing your goal tomorrow, that is one hell of an effort! Not only did he smash 5000 burpees out of the park, but has more than doubled his intended monetary target. But, I think we can help him to get more.

Please, please, share this next link, again and again. It is a wonderful cause and we can lean on our community to ensure he is able to hand over a significant amount.

This week, Conroy takes the reins, and I am sure that he will take pride in eliciting some significant stimuli! 😳😉

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For 5 Rounds, and for a total score:
Within 2:30 minutes complete a…
550m Row and in the remaining time:
Max Rep Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35lbs)
Rest 5mins between rounds.

Please write completed number of thruster, per round, to the whiteboard…