Do it team, fire your best guesses for 19.4, the penultimate workout in this year’s first open (remember this is happening all again in October), to the comment on this post. What could it be…apart from painful! My guess is in, and I seriously hope that I am wrong!

The end of the week is in sight, and that Friday feeling is in full force. I want to hear of at least 3 of you who have been required to do 19.4 with raging hang overs please!

For some reason, Facebook refused to post my blog update yesterday, maybe I insulted it’s very being. Regardless of what I tried, it failed to do so. Regardless, let’s forgive and forget, and hope that tonight allows for a better service.

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

For time:
30 Clean & Jerks (80/50kg)
20 Clean & Jerks (90/60kg)
10 Clean & Jerks (100/70kg)

Split these reps between pairs as you see fit, only one athlete working at a time. Once complete, please write your blistering times to comments…Sexy Stu, just be very careful not to become hypovolemic with that thumb injury!

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