So Conroy has had this bright idea…he text each of the coaches asking what our favourite movements are so that he could program workouts named after us, featuring our favourite.
Unfortunately, we didn’t know about this until we had submitted our answers and so have royally screwed ourselves over; but at least we have done so in an “enjoyable” way!

The starts with me, now remember, I didn't program a workout for myself, named after myself. It was Conners. Hence why the week doesn't include one named after him. Good job as his favourite moves are the Assault Bike and the Assault bike!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For Time:
3 Rounds of:
4 Bar Muscle Ups
6 Squat Snatch (60/40kg)

2 Rounds of:
6 Bar Muscle Ups
4 Squat Snatch (70/45kg)

1 Round of:
8 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Squat Snatch (80/50kg)

Please post total time to the whiteboard…I’m sorry!