Everyone likes a surprise right?! Especially when it’s intended to get you big and strong and as a result have you lifting bigger tin, helping out around the house a little more, giving you a bigger bank balance and allowing you to look like a true bad ass while on the beach in this glorious weather!

You are lucky though, as my intended surprise was originally a little more spicy. But I was reigned in by Conroy, who is far more sensible and was really, completely correct on this occasion.

Gear yourselves up anyway legends. Only a few days before The Threedown kicks off. I know that Joey is more excited, than an excited person who has a special reason to be excited! Help other folk out during the day, I’m sure nerves and excitement will be running high, having the home ground advantage is just that. Smile, high five, chest bump and maybe even dish out a few cheeky, chalky hugs. Create a supportive atmosphere where people can only thrive. Have a blast!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Back Squat
5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5*

The first set should be at 80-85% of last Wednesday’s 1RM. Climb gradually throughout.

Please write loads for each set as well as total CMs left remaining until your skinny jeans occlude your femoral arteries…