Rather than entertain you with yet another hilarious anecdote, I have some house keeping…

The items from the fridge are not for free, on loan, nor do we enforce any form of payment plan. The gym works on a trust policy, it always has. We treat you like adults and fully expect the same in return. If you want something from there it’s more than ok, just pay for it, immediately and in full.
No balancing or IOUs can be accrued, I’m sorry but try doing that at Starbucks and comment how far you get.

The above statement however does not apply to beer. That you can have for free…

“So you’re telling me that your gym gets you fitter than any other could in Cardiff, while hanging out with way cooler people that you could find in any other in Cardiff, gives you free beer but wants you to pay for water…erm…sign me up!”

Anyway, back to it. And I am just a little bit excited about seeing what carnage this workout causes.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For Max Calories on the Assault Bike, sprint for:
Round 1: 10 Seconds
Round 2: 20 Seconds
Round 3: 30 Seconds
Round 4: 40 Seconds
Round 5: 50 Seconds
Round 6: 60 Seconds

Between each round rest 5 times the work period. Eg. Round 1 10 seconds sprint followed by 50 seconds rest.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this workout is fun! Please calculate the sum of total calories completed and get them up to the whiteboard…

Oh and guess what’s we’re getting at the box…

Satan’s alternative ride!

Satan’s alternative ride!