Yep, Monday and Tuesday’s workouts have definitely left their mark. I can feel this unusual pain in my legs, causing my face to screw up even before my eyes have opened, right after I utter the words…”man I love those assault bikes!”

Not to worry, for the rest of the week we can all come to class hold hands and simply sway, left to right, in a sort of protest, gently chanting “F**K you Davs, we are doing no more functional movement.”
Good luck biatches!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 20 minutes, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
Run 1 mile
8 Handstand Push Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)
12 GHD Sit Ups

Run once, not twice or three times. Get those slabs ready for the beach, just chuck your scores up before you go please…