Pinch, punch…the best month of the year hey! Except of course if you wake up with DOMs so bad you need to kip out of bed! Suller has taken the notch up a rank or two this week hey, and it’s not over yet! Luckily you haven’t got to use your shoulders again until…whatever time class you are doing today…😳

Maybe he is fighting hard to combat the infamous DadBod. By punishing everyone with beach ready workouts and causing Al Conroy to be forced to “take a knee” for around 30 minutes before feeling able enough to drive a car! Great workout!

Look out…

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

Double JT
42 - 30 - 18
Handstand push ups
Ring dips
Press ups

Split the work how you see fit, take post WoD selfies of massive shoulders and get those times up to the whiteboard please…