I hope you guys have all had enjoyable weekends, albeit slightly soggy!

Next Saturday, as per event posted on the members page, we have a Bring a Buddy event. It’s pretty simple:

  • Select and drag a buddy to the gym

  • Partner with said buddy and perform the workouts created by the mind of the master

  • Win some cool prizes

  • Drink beer and get loose

Saturday will be the first day of a brand, spanking new…bring a buddy week. Running therefore from August 17th - 24th you are welcome to bring a friend or more to the gym with you, free of charge.
All that is needed is to email Davs on dafydd@crossfitcardiff.com, and remind them that not every class ends in beer drinking shenanigans!

Get them involved in something very cool, don’t keep it all for yourselves!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Today we dedicate some time to becoming gymnastic ninjas…

For 15 minutes
Pistol progressions/skill work

15 minutes
Handstand Walk progressions

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible within 10 minutes of:
10 Pistols 
10m Handstand Walk
10 Ab Mat Sit Ups 

Shake off those hamstrings and get your times up to the whiteboard please…

Bring a Buddy.jpg