Diversion and confusion are powerful tools, testing commitment and mindset. It was a classic “trick” used by the military…following a brutal load carry, often over distances averaging 15 miles while carrying close to 60kg, completely exhausted and wet through. A 4 tonne truck would come into view, just ahead in a lay-by, and like a beacon of morale lads would speed up; knowing that this vehicle was the gate way to dry clothes, warm fluffy beds (maybe not) and hot food.
But, on approaching the driver starts up his engine and buggers off! Reactions are closely monitored, some are utterly stoic, nod and say…”no problem.” While some grown men throw legitimate tantrums. Like children, they sit down on the floor and give up. Potentially “good lads”, extremely fit and amazing soldiers. It’s not enough.
As the All Blacks say…”good people make good All Blacks.”

There is a point behind all this…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For Time: 
500m Row
30 Bar Hop Burpees

Please put times up to the whiteboard…

4 tonner.jpg